Saturday, October 15, 2005

NYWC Day 1&2

Well, it's been a busy last 3 days. This is the first real chance I have had to update the blog ;)

After driving 15 hours, we arrived here in Pittsburgh, PA Thursday night. Not much to say other than "really tired."

Friday was the first full day of the convention. Some of the alliance pastors attending got together with Kent Julian for lunch at a really fancy California-style restaurant. I couldn't pronounce half the stuff, but it was great.

The main sessions were amazing and the speakers were very challenging. Doug Fields spoke in the evening and challenged us to practice the "art" of saying "no." After the session, I got to pre-screen the new Nooma video entitled: Rythm - it rocked as (no big surprise there). After the evening session, we all went to see KJ-52 and his "DJ iPod."

Today has been the best day yet. We had a great time relaxing this morning and after lunch we returned to the convention center for a great seminar on "community building" (that would be leading games). Only at an Youth Specialties Convention can you have a seminar where you spend 3/4 of the time playing games!

Other than the business, I have had a blast with Marko and some of my friends from college. Other than those staying at Jason's with us, we saw (by surprise) some other people we knew from college. Lots of fun :)

If I can get my laptop online, I'll post some photos to the blog. Check back for more updates.

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