Monday, October 03, 2005

currently listening/watching

Out last week is the new album from David Crowder: Collision. I knew it was coming out and I wanted to purchase it, but I didn't have that happy excitement I had about the new Switchfoot album.

I got the album Wednesday and it has been stuck in my CD player ever since. What I really enjoy about the DCB (David Crowder Band) is their commitment to good music. All of what DCB does is worship music, but I have never had the sense that any of their songs are just thrown together.

Collision is a fusion of modern rock, folk, alternative, and electro
nica. The CD is packed with 21 tracks and while some of them are "filler" tracks, you really get a sense that you get much more than you paid for. I highly suggest this album; once again the DCB raises the bar for modern worship music making beautiful music along with beautiful worship.

Also, this weekend I got to see the new movie: Serenity

At first I thought this was going to be another cheesy sci-fi movie: boy was I wrong.

Other than the fact that many parts of the movie reminded me of the old Star Wars movies, I thought that the plot was wonderfully compelling and the social (and religious) commentary embedded in the film was thought-provoking.

Add some wonderful action sequences and some genuinely funny dialogue (
Captain Mal: "Do you want to run this ship?" Discontented crew member: "Yes." Mal: "Well, you can't") and we have a great movie. If you enjoy sci-fi movies and don't mind some similarities to the old Star Wars films, I say check this one out.


  1. I was wondering if Serenity was going to be any good...Now I will have to check it out.

  2. would if I could chief, but the movie theatre hear isn't all that great. Hope all is well with the youth at BRAC... congrats on the new CD...I like DCB and I also like the new Casting Crowns CD w00t ^_^
    later gater,

  3. yeah...i was gonna go see that i knwo i will! :-D i just godda find time and someone to go with! ^.^
    wow...that word "woot" really has spread like wildfire...and at first i thought it was only me...::sigh::


    p.s. the word of the day is....(drum role..) BIYXE!! biyxe - WOOOT!
    well i have to go biyx...oops..i bed... o.o cuz i just burned off 1023 kcals playing ddr after working at BW, after walking a mile uphill @ U.A., after biking a mile, after running 3.5 miles!! yessssss! ::yawn:: c ya! =D