Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jason and I at the digital lounge


  1. lol! sounds like your having a great time. man do u travel alot! i'm all like "!" =DD hey..ya know i was just thinkin of you about a week ago and i was all like "whoa" it's been like, exactly a year since Erik DESSERTed....oops...o.o...hehe...uh..i i mean...decided to move on from us Ohioans ;) hehe jk...::sniff:: yeah..::sniff:: ::tear:: im ....totally ::sniff::... over it... :*( lol! jk again! ;) hehe so long as u promise to visit then i'm not angry! =D hehe squeeeeee!! well, hope everything's nifty and swifty! ttfn!
    ~Courtney~ :o)

    p.s. and the word verification of the day is...::drummrole:: "VIAUGIBA" WOOOOT! yesss viaugiba..sounds like some rad medication for some...rad :-) gee i really hope you enjoy my know they make me chuckle...HA chuckle is SUCH a funny word! o geee, i'm too, i laugh histerically when i go through a haunted house...ha...well, i just tell everyone around me that i "laugh in the face of evil because there is nothing to fear when you have the light of God to carry you through the darkness!" YAY! hehe ok, i'll shuddup..haha bi!

  2. Sounds like you are having a fab time... try not to get to crazy or anything. By the way, my roommate is jealous..KJ-52 is her absolute favorite... I think there are five KJ posters on our random room wall and her computer wallpaper is a picture of him and script saying "I (heart) KJ" any who... Continue to have fun...