Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I love middle school students. I love high school students too, but there is something about middle school students that excites me. I think it might be the fact that they are so receptive to God's love and love from others. Middle school is a critical time in our lives. We are beginning to find out who we are and some of us are pretty scared by what they find. Around the time of middle school, we begin to realize that the world is horribly broken, and things are not the way that they should be.

God has given me a heart to love teens, even the awkward, weird, energetic people we call middle school students. I love 'em. Today I had an opportunity to attend a First Priority meeting at one of the local middle schools. Not only did I get to see my students, but I got to meet some of their friends. It was way cool. I got several remarks that I look like "another kid." I guess I still fit in well with that crowd (can't say I'm much more mature ;)

I'm looking forward to getting more involved at the middle school and getting into the lives of these teens. I have heard my fair share of stories of brokenness and hurt that these students go through at home, in school, and with their friends. Pray that God will give me an opportunity to share His love with these students.


  1. I am so glad that you are getting involved in the schools. And I know that you will have a blast and have a real impact on the lives of those students. You also better watch out because you too will get impacted!

  2. that's great that you can connect like that. and I agree with the mature comment. J/k anyway. I like the new skin for your blog, and I'll pray about the ministry opportunities God will give you. later gater

  3. Hi Erik!
    I agree. I love middle schoolers. And wish I was back in middle school. :( :)
    Come back up to Ohio for Christmas. :)

  4. Middle school... ummm...Yeah I love them too. You can be mature you just chose not be. I think it is great that you are getting involved in the school. It is a great way to meet young people where they are at... God Bless.

  5. yeah...middle school was awesome.. i know that that was a time that i was really finding out alot about myself, and well, who i really was. haha but hey now, dont put down us highschoolers! ;-) altho, i wouldnt really be considered one anyways i guess..haha erm...i kinda skipped it... :-P hehe but hey awkward, wierd and energetic! and i'm no middle-schooler!! =DDDD see, now didnt i ALWAYS tell you that you look like "another kid"? yay it's not just me! and btw, thats TOTALLY not a bad thing! like i've told ya before, you'll treasure that when you get to be old :-) (which of course won't happen anytime soon) ;) and you are very mature have a good balance of both. (i was gonna say you're well rounded..but i thought that could be taken the wrong way..ROFL ..jk Erik!!) ;) ok well, i'm off... ttyl!

    ~Courtney~ ^.^