Sunday, October 30, 2005

32-Bit Pumpkin

You think you have too much time on your hands? Check out what some techno nerds did with this pumpkin. This is a fully functional computer created with a Dell notebook motherboard. Scary right? Read about it here

In other news I must have "missed the memo" about the time change today. I was at the church bright and early this morning an hour ahead of time. I guess I should watch the local news more. Oh well, who needs sleep anyways?


  1. LOL!!!! THAT'S AMAZING! Wow...i godda do somethin like that some day...hahaha way to miss the time change!! but yeah - who needs sleep? i only get about 10 hours of it every night =D

    ~Courtney~ :)

  2. Oh yeah... Don't forget to set you clock back an hour...I meant to remind you of that cuse I had just found out friday.

  3. Erik...if you think that was pumpkin was great check this out