Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Today as I left early for First Priority at the middle school I was supprised to see my car and the landscape covered with a thin layer of frost. Not even the end of October and there is Alabama! I was very happy to see it and put on my orange and grey skii jacket. There is something safe and secure feeling about being bundled up. As I drove to the school the frost was danced alive in the golden rays of the sunrise. Beautiful.

"Thank you God for your creation, you are so beautiful to me."


  1. Every ten years or so it even SNOWS...a little bit.

  2. yeah...frost will happen... see it does get cold in Alabama, just not really cold...

  3. lol, amen to all the above. anyway, The AVA club is a club that as a group we create, come up with ideas for worlds, that can be put into stories, or even graphic novels. (ex. manga) and at some point we want to actually make these stories into an anime movie, episode, series, whatever.
    does that help the understanding a little?
    talk to you later,
    Austin E.

  4. Erik the holes filled in so I no longer have them pierced at the moment.

  5. Yeah, it's gonna be 30 tonight...just in time for me to get up at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow to launch my weather balloon with NASA.... =D it was supossed to snow yesterday too...dunno if that ever happened...yay! ski season is on the outlook! WOOOT!