Wednesday, October 19, 2005

interesting conversation

My friend Luke posted something about the Emerging Church on his blog and it sparked some great conversation, check it out here


  1. wow Eric, saw that u are doing Habits where your at!!! flippen awesome!!! u probably don't remember me ^_^ o well, thats fine. I really enjoyed your time at Hope!!! come visit us again when your in town, and not just go to Stow. That was low ^_^ atleast come visit your old YG when your in town

  2. lol ..i'm actually commenting to comment to Chris...geeez Chris who could forget you? :-P FLIPPIN SWEET! lol..i was seriously gonna say that for the bloopers for Judgement House ;-D but of course my scene got cut... :-P BUT of course i now have a nifty-er part in the first movie thing so...O! sorry, i'm rambling on Erik's blog again...oops bad me :) ::slaps self:: however, Chris i don't agree that it was low of Erik not to visit us...he was busy and I understand that 0:) hehe see ya'll! God bless!

    ~Courtney~ :o)

  3. YO Erik! What's been going on? I hope all is well, and I find that very interesting to think of Postmodernism in that context. I didn't realize that it was becoming that poplular. well ttyl