Sunday, October 09, 2005

funny pic

This picture comes courtesy of my good friend Troy. First person to tell me what TV show this is gets a cookie. The person who tells me what character I am gets 10 cookies ;)


  1. So I cheated...I didn't know what it was from so I looked it up...I should not get a cookie for that..I will let others guess...

  2. Red Dwarf this is the best show ever created by man.

  3. Your the hologram dude oh whats his name...... Oh yeah
    Arnold Rimmer or Ace Rimmer

  4. Erik,
    thanks for the honest opinion. I definitely am no doing it to "fit in" it is all about trying somehting new, and I guess the adventure in risking my life in front of my mom to see how she will react. I definitely DO NOT want those nastified humongo holes, nothing more than a stud or loop.
    peace out chief. hope all is well with the BRAC youth. Email me an update sometime.