Sunday, February 24, 2008 head asplode

Ok, I admit it! I'm a conference junkie. I love to take in new information and meet new people. Today, I feel like I was drinking from a fire hose. I don't have the energy tonight to post a full update about today. I really do need to learn to pace myself at these events.

Josh, if you're reading this - try and plan some intentional breaks/downtime into the schedule next year. Even an extra hour once a day would be a great help. With the sessions, seminars, affinity groups and meals I run and don't stop. I could take an afternoon off... but I have an information eating disorder... I need help :)

One thing I do want to post while it is still fresh is an idea I had this evening. Everyone knows how encouraging Doug Fields is to youth pastors. I was thinking, we should get a Doug Fields pull string doll to keep close to the desk of youth workers. That way, when we're feeling down and out as youth workers, we just give doll-Doug a good yank and he spouts out some encouraging line. This could catch on ;)

Don't forget my contest for the comment from the furthest away. You'll win a suite of powerpoint crowd games from I'll close the contest out Monday at 12pm. So far, I only have one comment so you still have a great chance to win.


  1. Shhhh.....stop talking about it. I'm liking my chances!

  2. I am going to have to agree with josh...NO I did take a midday nap yesterday instead of lunch.

  3. Downtime is good!!!!! And I like the Doug Fields encouragment thing but does it have to be a doll? Couldn't we come up with something so I would have to say I play with dolls?

  4. Hi Erik,
    I'm sorry. I did not mean to seem like I was judging you. I have no right to considering the mess i'm in. That was not my intention. I was just curious. I will keep reading your blog. It looks interesting. Thanks for your concern about the college thing.