Friday, February 01, 2008

Another Life Update

It's been a while since my last update so here is what's going on:

On the student ministry front, things have been slow and steady. It's remarkable the way God is working in the lives of my teens and it's a privilege to be a part of that. We've been slowly upgrading our youth room and have finally got our new sound system together. Our worship band is growing (and so are my guitar skills...a bit). This weekend we' re going to a Christian concert called Winter Jam which should prove to be a good outreach opportunity. I'm psyched about seeing Skillet perform.

On the private front, my iPod died. Luckily it's under warranty, so I just got to take it to the apple store, hopefully they'll replace it with a macbook.

I watched the season premiere of Lost last night and I'm looking forward to another season (what writer's strike?). Other than Lost, there really isn't much other TV I watch other than random things on the Discovery Channel and such.

I've been reading more recently (which is alway good). I'm currently working on two books, one by Donald Miller and the other is the first book in C.S. Lewis' space trilogy. Both books are really good and hopefully I can move on to one of many books waiting on my shelf.

Lately, I've been incredibly introspective (too much so). My thoughts of late have drifted from politics to ministry to love and relationships, quite the variety. I think now that I'm one step closer to 30 I'm really trying to figure out whether I'm where I want to be. Am I living out the life that God has for me? Am I missing anything? I really am not sure. But I have had this nagging feeling that something must change in the not so distant future. Now if I can only figure out what that is... oh well.

I'll be in Ohio at the end of the month for a youth worker's convention in Cincinnati. Hopefully the conference will provide a well needed breath of fresh air and new perspectives as well as some encouragement. Ministry (especially when you're single like me) can be incredibly lonely- especially at a small church with no one your age. If you're up to it, please continue to pray for me for encouragement and strength as I serve God here in Alabama. Thanks!

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