Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Going to Cincy

I'll be traveling this weekend to the National Youth Ministry Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's been a rough month and I'm hoping this will be a great opportunity to unplug and connect with other youth ministers who share my heart and interests. I get to see my former intern Marko, as well as 2 of my youth ministry professors from Nyack College.

Thursday I'll be traveling all the way back home to Ohio to see my family before heading to the conference on Friday. It's a 12 hour trip, so pray that God keeps me alert and my car healthy and in working shape.

I plan on blogging pictures, maybe some video, and updates from the conference. I you are interested in youth ministry (or at least me) make sure to check out my blog for updates.

In other news, I lost my very cool flash mp3 player that I use to record my youth ministry podcasts on. So if you listen regularly, it will be a few weeks before I get something new to record with. I'm getting a device so I can record directly onto my ipod.

Tonight at Invert we are having our first of 2 "Doubt Night"s. I had the students write out questions and I'll do my best to answer them honestly and from the scriptures. It should be a great time.


  1. I love to see a blog by someone genuinley interesred in serving God. I just have a question. If you are a believer, why are you concerned with zodiac signs. Christians aren't supposed to believe in all of that astrology stuff are they? My blog is called Carlys Blog. You can answer me there, or at my e-mail.

  2. Hey Carly, thanks for your comment. When I signed up for Blogger (3 years ago), it asked for my birthday. At the time, I didn't have the option to turn the Astrological Signs off on my profile. I'm assuming that's what you're referring to.

    As a follower of Christ, I trust God to guide me, not astrology. Thanks to you, I checked my profile again and it now has the option to remove the astrological signs from it. I never liked having that there, but to be honest - it didn't bother me because I am secure enough in what I believe and didn't think much about it.

    As Christians, we need to be very carful not to judge the intentions of others. It's ok to question things like you did, but we cross the line (I'm not saying you did) when we assume that we are somehow better or more righteous than other believers. It's a fine line to walk, especially with the internet. It's so impersonal and people can really take your remarks out of context.

    Welcome to Blogger, and I hope that you figure out God's will for your life- especially your choice of college.

    Blessings :)