Saturday, February 23, 2008

Contest for Youth Workers

Josh Griffin from gave me a Power Play Volume I to give away on my blog through a contest of some sort.

After almost no thinking about it, I have decided to award the prize to the youth worker/ youth pastor who lives the furthest from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Leave your name, where you church is, and what your youth ministry's favorite game/activity is (the last one's optional, but I'm curious) in the comment section below to enter the contest. On Monday, I will award the furthest Youth Worker their prize.

Make sure that your email address is included either through your comment registration or your comment so I can let you know if you win.

Happy commenting!


  1. Chaska, MN (not terribly far, but worth a shot...)

    Dodge Bible (don't ask...really)

  2. Nic Williams here...Hailing from LITHIA, FLORIDA. Love the conference but cant wait to get back to the warmth.
    Games...we make them love them all. lol. Right now they are loving any messy game. Lot of Nickolodeon Double Dare sort of stuff right now...