Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogging NYWC Day 1

Well, day one of the National Youth Workers Conference is over. It's been a long day full of all kinds of fun and stimulating activities... so much so that I am sitting here trying to detox in silence (yes, Erik time).

Let me run you through my day briefly.

10am - I went out to dig my car out of winter's icy grip. I had a nice layer of ice all over it from the storm last night.

11am - Had lunch at Bob Evans - great food. For those down South, Bob Evans is the Cracker Barrel of Northern food.

12pm - Circled the city of Cincinnati trying to look for my hotel. Then circled my hotel looking for a good (cheap) parking spot. I sure hope I can remember where I left my car on Monday.

1:30pm - Meandered my way to the convention center to scope things out and register. The NYWC staff people were helpful, sarcastic, and made me smile.
There is a sweet car show going on downstairs in the Convention Center

2:30pm - Went to a seminar with Rick Lawrence. We talked about what it would be like to have a Jesus centered youth ministry. Here are a few notes I scribbled down:
  • check out the "impossible quiz" - google it.
  • "Being Christ-like" what do we mean when we say this phrase? We are not Jesus, nor will we ever be close to being Jesus. We need to follow Jesus not try to be like what we think he is like. What Would Jesus Do is a cool mantra, but we project all our presuppositions about what Jesus would do instead of getting to know Him.
  • "Listen to your life"
4:00pm - Met up with Marko then I wandered around looking for the worship leader Affinity Group (small group). They were well hidden, but I discovered them. I felt way under talented for this group but the combination between cool personalities and potential for me to learn a thing or two will keep me going with this group for the weekend.

6:00pm - Had 2 Skyline Chili cony dogs w/ hot sauce. Very good-not good for me. I'm still looking to have some "Cincinnati chili" before I go.

7:00pm - I met up with the youth ministry department group from Nyack College and sat with them in the main session. I got to see both Len Kaegler and Ron Belsterling, both of my YM professors from my college days.

The worship band (Tim Timmons) playing their set. They were very good.

Saw Sara Groves perform after the main session. Wow. Great chill music. Great lyrics You must buy one of her albums right away.

Here's a video clip from the concert, sorry about the crappy cell phone/concert audio.

10:00pm - I sat in with the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. These guys are as funny in person as they are on the podcast. I finally got Josh Griffin to give me my t-shirt I was promised. Thanks Josh.

The Simply Youth Ministry Podcast "Gang of 4"

That's all for today, much more tomorrow!

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