Tuesday, December 06, 2005

why I like Smoothie Joe's

Yesterday, Marko and I went to Smoothie Joe's for lunch. I've had food there a handful of times before, but yesterday - I discovered another reason why Smoothie Joe's rocks: While our food was being prepared we played x-box live. You see, if you buy something, you get free access to their x-box and all the goodies that come with it (like playing Halo online). Now, if only Smoothie Joe's wasn't uber expensive I'd be there ever day.

This Sunday is the BIG Christmas musical. I'm sorta the star of the show, and I still have a ton of lines to memorize. I think I might try sleeping with the practice CD playing and see if I wake up endowed with the proper lines.

Oh, and if you are feeling extra generous (or rich) this Christmas season check out my Christmas wish list to the right ----------------------------------->

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  1. whoa! lovin the Christmas wish list! =D go Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! WOOOOT! yeah...apple ibook...niiiice =) i could use one of those too! a friend of mine just won an XBox 360! luckkyyyyy... =P