Saturday, December 17, 2005

going home soon

Last night I got to see LWW again (I know it's not LOTR, but I'm lazy typing). I love that movie. My before the movie, Rachael and I exchanged gifts and here's the incredible dorkiness...we got each other the same thing. I just busted out laughing when I saw what she got me and she was like "what? don't you like it?"

I'm heading home to Ohio for Christmas Sunday (going early to spend some time with my brother). I'm psyched to see my family and friends (and snow). I'll take my lapey with me so I'll update some more from Ohioland.


  1. Hey Erik!
    I hope you had a safe trip!! Email me if you wanna go skiing! (Better hurry though....we're supossed to get rain on Christmas Eve!!) 0.0 Remeber that Chad and your brother are totally welcome to come too! Have fun in Ohio!

  2. What gift did you get each other?

  3. Fun times...