Friday, December 30, 2005

My Christmas in review it's not tomorrow, it's the end of the week - so here it is!

Most of you know I spent my Christmas in Ohio with my family. Due to a family emergency, but trip came earlier than expected giving me over a week to spend in the buckeye state. Some important observations I made in the last week.

1. Though the benefits of driving 11 hours straight only stopping 2 times to get gas far outweigh the negative aspects, I wouldn't recommend doing it often. It took 2 days to get rid of soreness and pain in my back from sitting so long in one position.

2. The place where I get my oil changed must use blue colored water to fill my washer fluid. Not long after entering Ohio, I met up with some snow. The roads were ridiculously salted like usual and my windshield began to collect the spray from other vehicles off of the road. In no time, my windshield was no longer transparent, but translucent and I discovered that my windshield washer fluid was frozen solid in the lines. After several dicey attempts to spray my windshield, the salt had smeared everywhere causing me to stop for a window wash and a fill up on the good blue washer fluid. That stuff rocks.

3. You don't miss sweet tea the first few days, but then the sugar and caffeine withdraw sets in.

4. Sleeping in is good...very good

5. I visited my home church and discovered that once again, more people remembered my name than I remembered theirs. This is always awkward.

6. I could save a ton of money if I didn't eat out for a week.

For all of you who are wondering, my brother is doing better but could still use your prayers. I had a blast spending time with him.

I also got to see and meet with several awesome friends and fellow people in ministry. The first was Jonathan Herron. We got to catch up and chat a little about his new church plant in Kent, OH. This pic was taken at Friday's where we had lunch.

I also got to get together with Pastor Jeff Miller. He was my youth pastor when I was in high school (and now Sr. Pastor of my home church) and whenever I'm in town we get together.

All in all, I was a great trip to Ohio. I got to see friends, family, and get some R&R. I'm looking forward to this next year and what it has to bring. Perhaps I'll do some year in review thingy before the end of the year...we will see.


  1. I'm glad your trip went well! That's soooo kewl that you met up with Jonathan! I'll have to go and visit his church!!
    I'll still be keeping your brother in my prayers.
    So what's your new year's resolution? Mine is to increase my weekly running milage by 1 mile per day! Since I've recently discovered that I can run for over an hour without stopping, I don't think it'll be too hard. Only about 7 miles per day. =D
    Happy New Year!

    Courtney =)