Wednesday, December 07, 2005

canceling church on Christmas?

Check out this article:

Is it me, or does this article seem absurd to you? Who cares if a church is closed on Christmas. Everyone wants to spend time with their families, why should the church compete (or interfere?). Just another indication that people think "church" is what goes on Sunday mornings. The 7th day is to be a SABBATH - that means rest, honoring God. What can be more God-honoring than spending time with the family God gave you honoring and remembering Him?


  1. Hey Erik I read this out of Blue Like Jazz and I thought you would like it..."I kept talking with my stupid mouth. I told her that love, or what we call love, is mostly teamwork and that, quite possibley, I would get a crush on another woman after I had been married for a while. I also mentioned that my wife might become attracted to another man. The stuff that attracts us to other people doesn't shut down jsut becuase we walked down the aisle, I said"

  2. I understand what you are saying. Perhaps there are some that would argue that yes its a great time to visit with family, but why not attend a religious service together as a family. I see both sides, but I know for my parents a holiday is about the only time they can get my 38 year-old brother to step foot in a church.

    Luke - that happens to be a quote from one of the chapters I've already read. Guys can say the darndest things.

  3. You bring up a good point Erik but just as people go to church on Easter Sunday, which celebrates the Lord's resurrection, should we not also celebrate our Savior's birth together as a congregation as well? Yes, the resurrection is important but there would be no resurrection if there was no birth.

  4. Good points about the Church and being together for Christmas - here is my point:

    Most churches have multiple Christmas related activites before Christmas Day. Since we know Jesus was not born on December 25th, I think that a Christmas Eve service, or a Christmas musical the week before would be just as valid as having a service on December 25th.

    As churches we often overemphasise special occasions holidays, and our Sunday services. If the church is going to be most effective in the world we are going to have to realize that the Church is far more than what happens on a Sunday morning.