Thursday, December 08, 2005

Church on Christmas, part 2

Good points about the Church and being together for Christmas - here is my point:

Most churches have multiple Christmas related activities before Christmas Day. Since we know Jesus was not born on December 25th, I think that a Christmas Eve service, or a Christmas musical the week before would be just as valid as having a service on December 25th.

As churches we often overemphasize special occasions holidays, and our Sunday services. If the church is going to be most effective in the world we are going to have to realize that the Church is far more than what happens on a Sunday morning.


  1. Hear Hear!!!!
    I am glad you said that, I agree 120% and I will see you Saturday probably, and deffinitely Sunday!
    Living for the King!

  2. I concur. You bring up very valid points.