Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a church from scratch

I recently posted a reply to a quesiton someone asked in their blog about starting a church. They asked "If you design a church from scratch what would it look like?"

Here is my response:


If I started a church from scratch, I'd try to base it as much as possible on the teachings and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Worship services would be worship services, not seminar presentations set to music. I would want as many as possible to connect with the heart of God in a way that is not always comfortable, but real.

Teaching would come from someone living out his/her teachings. A strong focus on application and a love to wrestle and cherish the word of God (turn those facets baby!).

A community of others that are at a similar place in their spiritual journeys, as well as others who are a few steps further to guide the way.

A strong emphasis on social action...Jesus talked about this (and practiced what he preached) a lot. A church that is actively involved in the service of and redemption of their surrounding community.

A church with a global perspective. This community would realize that America is not the center of the universe and would seek to live out the Great Commission globally as well as locally.

As for dress, hair, worship music style...varied with no emphasis on anything in particular. Come as you are, no need to dress up and impress God (He's not easily impressed).

Home Bible study on whatever the group wants to go through. Emphasis on neighborhood/area Bible study - house churches that seek to meet needs and reach those in their immediate neighborhoods.


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  1. Wow... sounds wonderful...yeah...