Saturday, November 19, 2005

an update

Hello all, hope you're weekend has been a good one. Thought I'd update the 'ol blog.

Today was the big Alabama vs. Auburn game. Auburn won, yea (not that I'm a fan, but just 'yea' for them). In more important news OSU beat Michigan (go Buckeye's!).

I've been heard at work (or is that hardly working?) on memorizing my lines for our upcoming Christmas musical at church. I get to be a grandfather. I don't know why I got cast as a grandpa, I guess I was the only one with enough time to do it. I have a TON of lines to memorize, and I'm really thinking of getting some sort of CIA in ear devise (you know, like what the politicians wear in their ears when they have debates?). I guess I know why movie stars get paid so much money, this is hard work - it's not even worth a million dollars (wink).

I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with yet another new family this year (last year, I spent it with my friends Heather and Brooke). I'm looking forward to some good eats =)


  1. yay for Thanksgiving... I can't wait to see everyone again! Can you believe it? I can actually be part of the Cantata this December... I tell you what thos Tenor notes can get pretty high. oh well, I'll see you sometime this week and if not, then I will see you at the Halo tourny... just go easy on me, I problem won't be any good since I haven't played it at all since I left for Toccoa! Catch you laters, and keep it real, and stay true to the first love!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving, Erik.
    I didn't get fired today, but it appears I may be the last straw for yet another dissatisfied three generations of an Italian family to leave CGC.
    And nope, "those we don't speak of" have never heard of a blog. Most don't own computers.