Tuesday, January 30, 2007

turn your Wii into a media center

In my continuing quest for all things geeky, I have discovered a brand new gem for Nintendo Wii owners. A new program called Orb enables you to view video, pictures, news feeds, and listen to music from your high-speed connected computer.

You use the free Opera browser on the Wii to navigate to the Orb webpage and access your media. Here's the cool part: they recently made the interface Wii friendly and you can connect to you PC through your LAN. That means you use your local network connection instead of over the internet - it's really fast too.

The only downer I've found so far (that I care about) is the lack of support for iTunes DRM-ed music. But most of my CD's I've purchased online I turn into mp3's anyways.

Pretty cool huh?

Here's the website: http://orb.com/


  1. well, there are other ways to watch movies and load media onto your Wii (transferring the right file types to your memory card). But I also know of a guy who modded a Wii into a "Wii laptop" it's flippin' sweet ^_^ I plan to attempt it once I get one meself. =D

    Have fun playing!

    Courtney =)

  2. you know that guy? I read an article about that :)

  3. there are ways to un-DRM DRM-ed audio files...

  4. that just means I have another thing to look forward to when I am finally able to get a Wii.... weee!!