Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday, Day Two

Lots of great stuff today. I'll just point out a few of the highlights and observations.

Observations first:

1. C&MA Council is a lot like a family reunion. I've seen dozens of people here today, some that I have not seen in 5 years or more. It's been great to see the Alliance family in action.

2. At C&MA Council you get freebies, but they are not as good as Youth Specialties NYWC. As for merchandising, they have all kinds of shirts, C&MA balloons, mugs, even necklaces. I'll try to get more freebees tomorrow (and more free candy).


It's been amazing that even though my throat has not allowed me to speak much, both worship sessions today- God opened up my voice so I could worship Him! We had an amazing concert of prayer this morning and a wonderful session this evening.

In our session tonight, we talked about the supremacy of Christ. It was amazing. To sum it up, the speaker spoke about how we need to do more than put Christ in the center of our lives. Instead of just putting Jesus into the middle of our lives, we need to insert our lives into the live and power of Jesus Christ. Chew on that one... ask yourself "what's the difference between Jesus being in the center of my life and putting our life in the center of who Jesus is?"

I mentioned my car woes yesterday, just to show you how incredibly faithful God is-check this out. I have a distant relative that is giving my grandmother a low mileage 2001 Chevy Cavalier. She is willing to give that car to me! This isn't just chance, it's how God works in my life. Very cool.

That's all tonight. Tomorrow is election day for the new Alliance President. I can't wait to see how God plans to work tomorrow =)

picture of the main stage


  1. Wow....sweet pick! haha I have a feeling you're working on your blog as I'm reading!!

  2.'s awesome about the car!! Do they happen to have another they want to give to me?? lol /jk! ;-)
    ~Courtney~ :-)