Saturday, May 28, 2005

Friday, Day 4

Friday has been another full, great day. During the whole conference from 8am-11pm there has been non-stop praise and worship and prayer in a special "prayer room." After the afternoon session, I felt God drawing me there to pray and reflect. As I got there, you could feel almost a tangible presence of God there. Me and a few friends spent some time in worhsip, and then prayed for some people who asked for it.

God is good! Since I'm typing this on Saturday, I'll try to make it back on here later for a Saturday Update.

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  1. Wow...sounds like an amazing experience!! My week wasn't THAT moving, however it was rather educational! Haha, guess that doesn't match-up does it? But if you're interested at seeing some nifty pix from places at NASA the public doesnt get to see, check my Xanga! Full details there...(I typed so much I'm anxious for ppl to read it hehe...that way my hard work pays off ;-D) Rock on down there Erik!!
    ~Courtney~ :-)