Sunday, May 29, 2005

Saturday and Sunday, Days - 5&6

Well, I'm back in Alabama. I wanted to wrap up my Council blog and let you know how my last few days went.

Saturday was an Alliance-Youth event called "Saturday in Cinci." It was kind of a "Life 2004 in review." They brought back Francis Chan to speak, The Swift to lead worship, and Journey "Man" made a not-so triumphant reapearence (he put on some pounds and spent the year slacking off, eating too many twinkies). There were a lot of simular activities as well as some new (like the 'Amazing Race'). I was "drafted" to work with The Trip (mock missions trip), so I spent much of the afternoon helping out with that. It made me a bit silly to be around teens all day (see moose hat below).

The whole day, I was missing all of you from BRAC wishing that the event was a bit closer so you all could have come. Fear not! Life 2007 is not that far away now, and it will rock your socks off.

Saturday evening, there was a Missions Rally with teens and adults combined. It was an extremely powerful service and about 200 people (many of them teens) came forward to respond to the call of missions. I almost lost it when the missionaries entered the stadium. Looking at all of them and realizing how incredibly involved the C&MA is around the world made me incredibly grateful to be apart of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

This morning (Sunday) was the last service of Council. We took Communion together and had a healing service focusing on the healing power of Jesus Christ. Other than being really long, the service was very good.

Looking back over my week in Cinci, I must say that I am very blessed to be apart of this movement known as the C&MA. God has spoken and inspired me in many different ways this week. Don't be supprised if I spend some time unpacking my experiences and what I learned over the next several weeks at youth group.

Living the Call Together,


Just a fraction of the nations the C&MA represents. This picture was taken at the Missions Rally

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  1. Wow....sounds like you had an AMAZING time! -- lol lovin the moose hat!! O, and I'm anxious to hear you "unpacking you experiences"...hehehe. I love hearing some good moving stories! :-) Thanks for keeping us all updated!

    ~Courtney~ <(^v^)> <--(hey look it's Kirby!!WOOOOT!...I'm too much of a happy person aren't I?) :-P