Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Friday :)

Not that I usually get excited on Fridays (my day off is Thursdays), but I sure am looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow I'm driving up to see Rachel and she's cooking me dinner (good deal, huh?) We're going to (hopefully) go to a park and spend some QT outside enjoying this gorgeous weather.

This afternoon a group of teens and I will be canvasing some neighborhoods around our church with information about our special Children's Sunday this Sunday. We'll have a ventriloquist (no, not Josè Halepeňo on a stick), special music and a special kid's message.

As for life, thinks have been fairly uneventful. I'm trying to get back on the reading wagon (yes, there is a wagon) again, but it's been tough. I've also been having some problems with my neck and shoulder muscles tensing up. I guess that time spent playing my Nintendo Wii has made my muscles so massive that they have to tighten up in knots. Oh well. Have a great Friday.

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  1. Jello is gross... i dont want to feel like Jello... or look at Jello... or smell Jello... okay that is all I have to say about Jello