Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm curious...

I was wondering how many of you wonderful readers visit my blog regularly. If you do, how do you keep up? Let me know by responding with one of the numbers below.

(1) "I periodically visit your blog directly through a bookmark or typing it in the browser"

(2) "I periodically visit your blog by clicking on a link from someone else's blog"

(3) "I use a feed reader (like google reader) to keep track of when you update your blog."

(4) "Who are you again?"


  1. Well This really cute guy who I am totally crushing on showed me this really neat thing called google reader. I use that to keep tabs on him. Don't tell him that I think he is hott though. I would not want him to think that I am stalking him or anything...haha

  2. True dat, Google reader double true!

  3. Google reader seems to be oh, so popular. I, too, use it to keep up with your blog. Rachel showed me how.... so feel privileged. I read your post right before I read the Ken Jennings blog.

  4. I actually just make a bookmark/link thing in my firefox of all the websites I visit on a regular basis. I check yours daily or almost daily haha. I'm a nerd! Much Lurve to you dude