Monday, February 26, 2007

Were Jesus Christ's Bones Found In Tomb?

A recent documentary claims to have found the bones of Jesus and his family in a tomb in Jerusalem.

There really is no conclusive evidence other than Jesus' name being on the tomb. The thing is, Jesus was from Nazareth, not Jerusalem. If he was to be buried, it would be in Nazareth and not Jerusalem. Another thing...Jesus was a common name at the time of Christ. There's a reason he was called "Jesus of Nazareth." Jesus was the Aramaic equivalent of the Old Testament name "Joshua."

Do you know of any Joshua's? How about in Latin-America where there are thousands of people named "Jesus" (hey-zoose)?

This documentary proves nothing really. There are 3rd party historians who have spoke about Jesus' death, burial, and alleged resurrection. If Jesus had a tomb and was buried there, these historians (especially Josephus, who was a Jew) would have wanted to include that information. Also Christianity was not popular at all when Jesus died and rose again. If Christianity's detractors wanted to stop Christianity in it's tracks, all they had to do was produce the body of Jesus.

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