Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm back

Well it's been a wonderful Christmas vacation and I'm back. I return refreshed, motivated, and a few pounds heavier.

It was great to see my friends and my family. I sure have missed them. The only thing I was real bummed about was that there was no snow at all. I think these scientists might be onto something with this global warming thing ;)

I spent the last few days (Christmas Eve and Day) with Rachel's family. It was a bit sad on Christmas not being with my family (it was my first Christmas in 26 years not being with my family), but I soon got over it and had a wonderful time.

As for the loot you ask? Lot's of clothes (needed), some cash (always appreciated), an air mattress that I really wanted, a great board game that I've wanted for 5 years now, and the new Switchfoot cd (my gift to myself). Not bad!

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