Tuesday, October 10, 2006

music I'm currently listening to

Here are several albums I'm currently listening to:

Leeland - Sound of Melodies

This is a band that I would otherwise look over because I would lump them in the "soft rock" CCM category. I heard a lot of buzz about them and decided to pick up their CD. It's amazing. Great melodies and song writing. It's basically a worship album and it does a great job at bringing the listener to a reflective/worshipful mood. ****

Jars of Clay - Good Monsters

I never picked up their last album and I thought I was growing out of them, but I was really wrong. Their newest album is amazing! I love the variety of songs and their honest approach at songwriting. Jars of Clay really know their music - on this album they take it up another level with a slight bluegrass influence. There are some great sing-along songs as well as a song with the longest bridge I've ever heard: "Oh My God." I think this is their best work yet since Flood. ****1/2

Skillet - Comatose

I just picked this one up yesterday and if you're a Skillet fan, you'll love it. This album isn't quite as hard as their last effort Collide, but it still is very enjoyable. My first impressions of the album have been mostly positive - good songwriting, good enveloping sound and instrumentation and classic Skillet vocals with both guy and girl parts. ****

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  1. Yeah, those CD's are AMAZING!! I haven't heard Leeland yet, but good monsters and comatose are phenomenal! I especially love the song Whispers in the Dark by skillet. It makes me happy. In fact I get to go see a small 5 song acoustic set done by them tonight near the Mall of Georgia. See you this weekend!