Monday, September 25, 2006

weekend update

This weekend rocked! Saturday I got to visit Rachel in Tennessee. We had a great time hanging out and running in the rain. We rented a movie (which we didn't watch) and came back at were forced against our will to watch disk one of Arrested Development. Decent show, but 5 episodes back to back was a little much. Afterwards we caught the end of the OSU game (Go Buckeyes!). I must say that it was well worth the 6 hours of driving (even in the super heavy rain!).

Sunday was more of a recouping day, but it still was great. I had a good time down at Safe Harbor Church in Pelham at their Lights Out service - it's great to just attend a worship service without being in charge of anything.

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  1. OH-IO!! =D hehe it's good to see you're still rootin for the "home" team. ;P