Monday, September 04, 2006

Life updates

Not to confuse, this post is about my life updates, not LIFE updates - big difference ;)

Things have been busy as usual in the Pasco household. Most of my time lately has been involved with the youth ministry at BRAC. We're going full throttle into the new school year and I'm trying to reach ahead and plan for the future. We've had a great time recently exploring the Will of God and how to understand and seek it. This week, we started our D-Groups back up and I'm already enjoying my D-Group guys (they rock hard!).

Youth ministry (well, any kind of ministry) can be hard at times - especially when you're paid to do it. The crazy thing about full-time ministry is that you get paid to do what God has called you to do. Sometimes, it feels like a "job" while other times it's a pleasure and joy. One the biggest challenges for me lately have been to get outside of our church walls to meet people who don't know Christ. When you eat, sleep, and breathe church - it can be hard to reach out to others. This is even further compounded by living in the South. It's not that everyone down here is's that they think they are. So the challenge is to find and reach the marginalized and oppressed people because often times, they are the most receptive to the message of Jesus.

I spent Saturday with Rachel and her family. Her uncle passed away Saturday so please remember to pray for her and her family (especially her aunt who is struggling with the loss of her husband).

So that's a snapshot of what's going on in my life right now and things I'm wresting with. Now that I have this new-er blog, I hope to update it much, much more. Until we meet again (in cyberspace or in person)

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