Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Doubt Night

For the next two Wednesday nights, our youth ministry is going to wrestle with the concept of doubt. I guess some pastors and Christian leaders would be nervous bring up doubts about God - after all, aren't all good Christians supposed to have faith and not doubt?

Well, being a Christian for most of my life, I've come to realize that it's not only ok to doubt God - but it's normal and healthy. God is Pro-Wrestling (no, he's not in the W.W.F.). God enjoys it when we care enough about our faith -our beliefs- that we seriously address the issues, wrestle with them, and doubts in our hearts. I believe that wrestling with God is an act of worship.

That is why we will be spending the next two weeks talking about our doubts. We recognize that as Christ followers, we will doubt...a lot. This week I am setting up a "Doubt-Box" in our youth room for teens to write down their questions and doubts about God. Next week I will open up the box and we will have "Doubt Night." We will look at our doubts with honesty and explore what the bible teaches about some of these doubts. I'm not afraid of coming to a question I can't answer. I don't know everything, but God does.

My hope is by the end of these next few weeks, we will begin to break down that attitude that Christians must know it all to believe in God. God is mysterious, hard to put in a box, and really, really big. Isn't it great?


  1. Ok so I am totally stealing this idea and we will be doing this...GREAT idea.

  2. GOOD stuff....will you be posting any answers???

  3. sounds like a good idea Melissa, I might post some questions and answers here on my blog