Tuesday, January 24, 2006

wow, that's old!

I was changing a bulletin board here at church today with my intern Marko when I discovered this underneath the current board paper:

Is it me, or is 2001 a little old!? Just goes to show you, things change slowly in traditional church culture ;)


  1. Hey Erik! It's been forever since I last spoke/wrote to you. I hope you are doing ok. Happy time with life 2001. Stencil is like... wow.
    Funny because I am also putting a bulletin together tomorrow. Hope you are well.

  2. Yeeeeah, wow 2001 was a really long time ago now. huh, funny, it seems like not so long ago everyone was stocking up on canned foods and buying generators for y2k =P time sure does fly! hope all is well...ttyl!

    Courtney =)

  3. it is like core samples... the layers stand for time in history... the more you peel back the more you find out...

    or someone just did not want to take the stuff down so they tacted over it...

    I think i like the first concept better

  4. wow... that's about all I can say...
    that is all!

  5. Dang - MARKO is your intern?!
    I mean, I knew Mark Oestreicher was on a 4 week leave from YS and all, but man, you got the hook-up! :D