Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a life update

I have a hard time writing profound things every day here on this blog. It always seems easier to just talk about my life and the things going on (it sure is busy enough!). For deep spiritual insights your going to have to hear me on Wednesday nights or the few times I preach throughout the year. Speaking of which, if you are in Ohio April 2nd, I'll be preaching Sunday morning at Chapel Hill Church if you are interested in coming and making faces at me.

This weekend will certainly be interesting. Thursday late afternoon, I am flying to Ohio in order to be in my friend Chad's wedding. It's interesting because I also have a district retreat this weekend. I will be flying back Sunday afternoon and going straight to our camp to catch the last half of the retreat- crazy.

This new year will pose some interesting and difficult challenges for our church. I really feel that God is trying to give us a not-so-gentle nudge towards outreach and growth. I am prayerfully anticipating the wonderful things that God is going to do through the faith and dependence (on God) that these challenges will create.

If you haven't yet seen it, our youth room is in the process of being transformed. We spent a few days last week paining the room and preparing to turn it into a cafe-like atmosphere. Here's a pic for those of you in other states.

Not a whole lot right now, but here's a quick peek at the paint-job.

In the coming months, we will add a cafe counter, track lighting tables and chairs, and a new sound system (all God willing, donations needed!). The chairs in the picture are from a cafe table that we had donated, but the table is awaiting a middle (we got the base and the top, but something's missing!).

For more pictures of our ministry, teens, and events you can check out the pictures page of our website.


  1. Dude, that's so cool!
    Make sure you hit up businesses looking to get their logo in front of "potentially hundreds of area teens!" (Pepsi, for example, is a sucker for giving out free equipment like that!).

  2. Erik thats sooo sweet!! Your youth room is lookin awesome, I'm sure it'll be a sweet place to hang out when it's all done. That's sweet that you're preaching @ Chapel Hill on the 2nd of April - I'm gonna see if I can get a group of us HSM ppl to come. =D Man you're soo lucky - you get to fly alot! Wish I could fly around like you do....luckkkyyyyyy. =P
    c ya!

    Courtney =)