Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hello September has a spiffy new clean interface for writers. It was pretty enough to get me on here to make a quick update. See?

Life has been good these summer months. It's been really oppressively hot, but that's Alabama. Some of my favorite summer activities have been

  • staying cool indoors as much as possible. A/C is a modern miracle
  • visiting our local farmers market on Saturdays at Pepper Place. Local honey and produce is always awesome.
  • hanging out with friends, babysitting our nephew and our friends children. They say we will benefit from the practice. I can change poopy diapers now.
  • reading through the entire Harry Potter series for the first time at work (yes I can read at work, it's not as exciting as it sounds)
  • and visiting the family lake-house at lake Martin!
Marie and I are looking forward to the cooler fall weather. Being Alabama, that could be another month or so. It would be nice to live somewhere where there was a fall before winter that lasted more than a few weeks.

As for spiritual matters, we have been praying for God's guidance as I seek another full time youth ministry position. It's been very difficult to wait on God's timing but we know that that is the very best for us. Please pray for guidance with us. In the meantime we have a very awesome church family here in Birmingham that we are enjoying serving with. Even while we wait, God provides!

Well this short missive is turning into a long one so I'll sign off here. Take care friends.

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