Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Encounter With an Evil Pothole


My car has been making me sad recently.  It's been going to the mechanic every week for the last 3 weeks to try and detect a leak in my A/C system.  After several visits it's been determined that the leak is nowhere to be found and the most likely candidate is the Evaporator Core.  To get to it it's going to cost something like $600 in labor to have my dash pulled apart in order to even check the thing.

Marie and I resolved to keep fixing this car for the time being because it's still cheaper than buying a new or used car.  So here we are, about to dump $900 in parts and labor into my little Chevy and then the unspeakable happens.  We were driving on our wonderful Alabama Interstate System when I hit a patch in the middle lane of the highway.  We'll call it a pothole, because it felt like one.  As soon as we hit it, my A/C fan started making a terrible noise like something was caught in the vent.  It got louder and angrier and then started smelling like something platic burning.  It cut off completly after that.

I get home and look under my passenger dash and find my blower motor broke one of it's mount screws and fell out!


Thank you Alabama roads for further breaking my car :(

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