Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Slow Return to Active Blogging

As many of you will know, I have been on a self-imposed sabbatical from full-time ministry.  My desire was to pull back from all my public roles (including blogging) and focus on what it means for me to love and follow Christ in my life.

The only things I've been blogging recently have been details concerning my upcoming wedding (which may I  add, I'm super psyched about) and trying to launch a tech-themed blog so that I might be able to share some of my tech-guru knowledge and make a little ad money on the side.  Over the course of this sabbatical I've come to realize a couple of things regarding blogging.
  1. I don't much care for writing
  2. It's insanely hard to make money blogging
Once thing I do miss is having a public forum to share my observations, stories, and spiritual journey.  I still think this blog is a great way to do that.  So in the spirit of the impending end to my sabbatical, I will be (slowly) returning to blogging.  Don't expect much at first, I'm still trying to find ways of tricking myself to write more.  I'm also learning how and when to best share private thoughts using a public tool like this that is both helpful and not damaging to myself and others.

I'll probably keep the tech-related posts here to a minimum and send those posts to my new tech-blog, but as I'm finding- I'm much more interested with the things I will be posting here.

Until then, grace and peace

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