Thursday, August 06, 2009

Maybe Twitter needs to go down more often

I'm feeling the need to write a little bit this morning and low and behold, Twitter is down. We'll, I do have a poor neglected blog, so I thought I'd write here for a bit.

This summer has flown by so fast, I'm currently gearing up for the fall and a bunch of changes and transitions. It's been rough, but through the grace of God I'm getting through it.

Tomorrow I get to see David Crowder Band in concert yet again. I'm hoping that they will play some of their new stuff off their record (coming out Sept. 22). Another album I'm waiting to come out with baited breath is the new Switchfoot record. How about all of you, looking forward to any music coming out soon?

I'll finish off with a question I'm considering and I'll let you all answer: what do you do to keep your devotional life fresh and regular? Any tips?

Oh no! I went over 140 characters! :P

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