Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reese Roper on the Christian Music Industry

Do you have an opinion on the Christian market today?
"Yeah, it would be to say that it is just as insular and backstabbing as it ever was, but somehow more appealing. There are a few bands out there that do a great job at spreading the love of Christ to the world (Switchfoot, you guys know I love you!), a few more who equip and encourage the church, and a great mass of musical hatchet-jobs that could never survive anywhere else but for the appeal of the forgiving and under-schooled ears of the Western Church. They only exist to add padding to our already comfortable church pews. Sadly, I have been each of these things, so if I am pointing fingers at anyone, it is myself. I know that “whether for good motives or bad, what matters is that Christ is preached”, and most of us have amazingly good motives; we just suffer from horrible nearsightedness and can never quite get past the safety of the Church. I wish it were different from 10 years ago, but it’s the same, only bigger and with more money to waste"

- Reese Roper, Five Years After Five Iron,

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