Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Incredible new music

I'm a bit of a music junkie so I wanted to pass along what music is currently rocking my world, first up:

Any of you who know me know that Five Iron Frenzy is/was my favorite band. Several members of the band formed a side project, Brave Saint Saturn and they just released their 3rd (last) album. It's epic! It's not out on iTunes quite yet, but you can order it from their website.

Other great new music:

House of Heroes has a brand spankin' new album: "The End Is Not the End" that is one of the best new albums I've heard this year. Their style is indie/alt rock. The album is a concept album that is loosely set in World War II/Cold War times. You must check this album out, you can pick it up on iTunes or amazon MP3 store (I would suggest the later, you get higher quality files that aren't locked like the iTunes tracks).

I discovered Jimmy Needham through a few of the teens in my youth minstry and I instantly loved his sound. He has a fresh blend of honest lyrical writing and great soulful music style. His new album, "Not Without Love" is better than his first, which is saying a lot.

Next up, Edison Glass - "Time is Fiction." I had wanted to pick up their first album, but never got around to it. After reading some great reviews I made the leap and picked up this gem. Great writing and stellar music make this album a must buy for alt-rock fans.

Those are my most recent purchases, but I wanted to point out some other great new albums:

Jars of Clay - Closer EP
The Khrusty Brothers - Jonas is Back
Waterdeep - Heart Attack Time Machine
Sixpence None the Richer - My Dear Machine EP

(those last 3 can be downloaded for FREE from


  1. Hey, Um, how did you get the linked banner to that? I wouldn't mind posting that on my blog too! I couldn't find a site that had it though.

  2. If you go to BS2's myspace:

    The code is near the banner on the page (scroll down some to find it). Copy that code and paste it into your blog (in HTML view) and it should add the banner.

    Hope that helps.