Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out of the silence...

I admit it, I'm a bad blogger. Most of the time, I don't feel like I have anything new or worthwhile to talk about, so I don't. My life isn't too terribly interesting so posts are few and far between.

I was reading an article by Francis Chan recently about remembering God's goodness in our lives when it hit me - I'm not very reverent about God. This is a big thing to say for someone who is a pastor of a student ministry, but as I begin to think about it, I often make God out to be a really good person instead of, well - God.

I think often in our quest to get to know the eternal creator, we use very human terms and expressions to talk about God. This is helpful, because God is sometimes to get our minds around. But when we use human phrases and imagine what God is like, we sometimes assume that we have a fairly accurate picture of who God is. It's like going to the beach, playing in a tide pool and afterward saying you understand the ocean.

I make this mistake way too much when it comes to Jesus. I think it's because Jesus is a lot easier to get my mind around, He's God in the flesh: tangible, understandable, touchable. All around us, pop culture has it's jokes and views of who Jesus is. Just look at our comedy programs and routines, there are tons of humor at the expense of Jesus. Sure, most of it doesn't directly demean His name, but the subtle messages are there.

I want to know God in his fullness, to understand my creator though an un-filtered lens. This might ultimately be impossible in this world, but it's still worth striving for.

How about you? Do you find yourself trying better understand God/Jesus/Holy Spirit though common humor or human ideas and concepts? What can we do to better honor the true nature and name of God?

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