Monday, March 10, 2008

Reaching the Emerging Generation - w/ Dr. Ron Walborn

I just found this really great video through Shane's blog (thanks Shane, you're my blogging hero). It's pretty long, but worth the watch - especially if you are somehow involved with ministry to people 20-40 yrs old or would like to be more effective in your ministry to these ages.


  1. Ron W is my hero!!!! That was a really cool video with a very good message, but the video quality was bad really bad

  2. stop being a video snob... it's youtube, get over it. You have to sacrifice quality for the benefit of sharing the video with everyone. You are not supposed to show Youtube videos on a movie screen silly ;)

  3. ERIK!! The video is pretty sweet! Also, the video I chose for Song of Songs I got of clue who's wedding...but I would've loved to go back and do that at Jason's wedding!!! Or mine...
    Marko, you video snob!