Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Doubt Night

For the second year in a row, our student ministry is going to have "doubt night." We strongly believe that a part of being a question is dealing with questions and doubts about our faith.

Everyone has doubts and questions about their faith and the Bible. All too often churches dodge talking about certain tough issues because they do not want to wrestle with them or they are afraid that they might loose people. We think that the opposite is true. If we don't honestly approach our faith and the Bible we fail to engage the very tough issues I believe that God meant for us to explore. I think God wants us to struggle. I have faith that God will honor our honest questions and doubts. Doubting is a form of worship.

So with that said, I invite those of you reading this blog to submit questions about your faith, God and the Bible. Simply leave a comment with your question(s) and I may answer them on this blog or next Wednesday night (March 21) at our Doubt Night.


  1. This is not a question that I am currently struggling with, but onw that has often come up in my relationship in Christ. Why does the Bible seem to contradict itself? Murder is sin, yet God tells Joshua to completely slaughter an entire city of innocent women and children ( they were not soldiers in a war and this would be seen as unethical today) That is not the only place where there seems to be issue. But the question that goes along with that is, How to we deal with this issue as Christian's who believe that our God is infallable.

  2. I've always dealt with the whole suicide is a sin thing... man, the questions, pain and hurt that brings up for me...

    so, all people who commit suicide are in hell? Because I just don't think I can reconcile that with my view of a God who is loving... I think that because time is a dimension created by humans that it has no bearing on God and while he may or may not intervene in the affairs of man, certainly he can provide adequate time to give someone in that situation a chance to repent before God if they need to do so...

    I just don't know what (if any) biblical basis is in that view...