Friday, November 17, 2006

Once again, I'm kicking myself

If you remember back to Christmas time last year, the hot item was the x-box 360. There were limit numbers of the new gaming system and an overabundance of rich parents who just had to have the box for their spoiled little girl or boy. Laughingly, x-boxes were selling on e-bay for thousands of dollars. I remarked to myself that getting an x-box early was a guaranteed way to make some quick cash. I even thought of pre-ordering a PS3 and selling it on eBay.

Oh, why didn't I pre-order a Playstation 3 and sell it on eBay?! They are going for over $6000 right now!!! In the words of Homer Simpson: DOH!

1 comment:

  1.'re so right *kicks self*. =P On the bright side, when I purchased my PS2 2 years ago it came with a spiffy little warranty that said I can can either exchange my PS2 for new ps2 if it breaks OR exchange it for a new PS3 when they come out!! It's kinda hard to believe, (especially considering I only paid and extra $25 for the warranty..) So I guess I'll just keep my fingers is in writing tho! =D