Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a heckofalot of toilet paper

I feel like I have finally transitioned to Alabama. I am going into my third year of pastoring here in Alabama and just last week, I finally ran out of toilet paper.

Let me explain. As a going away gift from my last student ministry, I received a very special gift. A Playstation 2! ...The other special gift I received was a truckload of toilet paper. So much that it took me 2 years to use it all!!!

So, with a sniffle, I bid goodbye to my cheap-generic toilet paper with thankfulness in my heart and buy a new 9 pack of Angel Soft.

Onward to another year of student ministry!


  1. YOU FINALLY RAN OUT OF TOILET PAPER?! LOL! ROFL! Wow...next time I go to Hope I'm totally gonna tell everyone that you JUST now ran out! =P I must say, that was THE best gift idea ever wasn't it? Well....ok, maybe not the best, but it did prove useful didn't it? =) Just so you know, you still come up in conversation here alot - so even though it's been over a year and a half you're still missed! Have fun buying toilet paper now. =P


  2. Wow... I have to say that is impressive... angel soft has odd french angels on the commercials now... the charmin ultra bears are cuter...

  3. Thats funny last night I was just talking about the crazy pranks we all used to play on eachother and usually involving excessive amounts of TP.