Monday, May 15, 2006

Going to Pittsburgh (and Ohio)

Just when I thought I was done going to weddings, I have one more. My friend Marvin is getting married at the end of May and I am using the wedding as an excuse to have a mini-vacation as well as a chance to see my friends and family. An added bonus is that I am brining a travel buddy with me: Rachel. We get to spend some extended time together AND we are going to stop by and have dinner with my family on the way back, so they get to meet my girlfriend finally (which I admit, having family in another state is difficult for those kind of reasons).

In other news, I've been racking my brain (and the brains of my teens) for media ideas. I will be speaking at our camp in less than a month and I'd like to use multimedia clips throughout. I have a new video camera and I would like to pre-record some funny & serious clips to show. If any of you out there in cyberspace have any ideas, feel free to share.

I'm also thinking about doing some sort of video or audio podcast. It could be my Wednesday night talks or something else...dunno. I just don't want to have to spend several hours a week working on multimedia stuff. Once again, any comments/ideas?

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  1. Erik, You're just the freakin' man!! I am so glad that you're coming to my wedding!! Also, you could use some sweer Lord of the Rings favorite is when in Retun of the King, Elrond gives Aragorn Anduril, flame of the west and calls Him to leave the Ranger and become who you were born to be!! Also...I hear thay there are some good Chip and Dale clips of some pretty good looking guys...LOL anyways love ya man!