Monday, April 17, 2006

Kudzu is very flammable

Down in the south, we have a wonderful plant/vine/weed/sentient plant lifeform called kudzu. There are acres and acres of kudzu all around our church and the surrounding community. While I was away yesterday, I learned that some of the kudzu around our church caught fire.

As the story goes, some kids were playing with fireworks and BAM! We had a nice and smoky/crispy field of dead kudzu. The bad news is that the fire department had to be called and my people that were parked at our church couldn't leave until the fire trucks left. The good news is that our church didn't catch fire and we killed a good portion of the hard-to-kill kudzu behind our church. Here's a picture of the aftermath:


  1. simply amazing. i should get rid of all the kudzu around my house! wow.