Monday, February 20, 2006

my weekend

This Saturday I made a trip through the ice and snow to Cleveland, TN. All my Ohio friends are asking...what is this Cleveland, TN and why are they stealing our city names? Well I'm not sure, but it was near Dayton, TN (I think TN is trying to be like Ohio).

Despite the sometimes dicey driving conditions, I had a great trip and had a good time visiting Rachel and meeting some of her college friends. We watched the Pink Panther (the old one) and visited their mall which was small, quaint, and seemingly obsessed with weddings (there were all sorts of wedding-related booths set up around the mall).

While I was at the mall, I met some very interesting law-enforcement officers. Here's a picture of their vehicle:

I was also able to snap a picture of them in uniform. Kind of wierd yes, but I think they might be from Canada or something:

And now for the thought of the week...

"If a tree falls in the forest... do the other tree's make fun of it?"

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  1. Wow, Sounds like YOU had a blast. very cool, I am hoping to come home for a weekend in March sometime, especially since I don't get a spring break... (although I think I might get like 4 days off from the tour.) Anyways, see you sometime in the future. Call me sometime...