Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well, my new-to-me car has had it's first breakdown. I went to start it today when I came out of getting my hair cut and it didn't turn didn't even squeak. You can imagine that I prayed real hard at that point. Well the good news is that God heard my prayer and I was able to start the car. Not feeling that this was a permanent God-fix, I took it to a mechanic only to find that my car did not start again once I got there.

So I'm without a car tonight and hopefully will get it back early tomorrow. So much for my Thursday night plans (and other errands I had to do today).


  1. HA....don't you have a chevy cavalier?? didn't i warn you about those cars like, 5 or 6 posts ago?? lol! (if i'm wrong then...well i'll feel stupid...but thats ok!) haha well, good luck with that! i hope the problem isn't all too bad!

  2. AWWW! Poor Ewik got his car stuck again. I'll pway for you buddy!

  3. And then when you get your car back a friend with no sense of direction gets you lost and you have to find your way back in a city you don't really know that well... see.. I am good for something..