Thursday, June 23, 2005

Chile update

I'm typing this from La Serena next to where we are staying in a
hotel. So far, this week has been amazing. Everyone has been having
a great time and we have had many opportunities to get to know some of
the locals. For the last 3 days, me and a crew have been putting 2
layers of drywall on the ceiling of the church.

I think the number one thing God has been teaching me so far on this
trip is to remain flexible. This trip has been adventure after
adventure. I'll try to post more if I get a chance. Keep praying for
us that God will keep us safe and in good moods. We have a lot of
hard work ahead, but it´s worth it!


1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! I'll keep ya in my thoughts and prayers!! I'll be a bit busy myself as i'm leavin for NYC with the Hope group tomorrow!! 8 hour bus ride.....that's gonna be crazy... o.o lol! And then there's NYACK... we were all making jokes that we're gonna see a huge painting in the entrance hall of a main building of you in some kind of very mature, thoughtful pose...ya know, like one with you standing looking very intelligent with one hand on your chin and the other in the flap of a suite!! we're all very excited to be staying at "Erik's old stomping grounds" =D Well, ttyl after I get back!!

    ~Courtney~ :)